What is a composite steel grating? It is the steel grating with advanced feeling!

What is the composite steel grating? The composite steel grating is actually 1 kind of steel grating. Its appearance is a kind of steel grating with high-end atmosphere. Composite steel grating is a perfect combination of steel grating and diamond plate. According to the load-bearing requirements of the composite steel grating, flat steel of different specifications can be selected for production. There are many specifications and models of composite steel grating. If you want to choose an economical composite steel grating, you must first understand the pressure that the composite steel grating needs to bear and what strength load the composite steel grating needs. According to the load requirements of composite steel grating, flat steel and diamond plate are selected. Among them, the main load-bearing is the steel grating, and most of the diamond plates commonly used on the surface are 3mm. The surface is treated with hot galvanizing and anti-corrosion, and the whole surface is silvery white, which is not only beautiful but also easy to clean. The flat surface makes the site look very clean and tidy.


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Composite steel grating refers to a new steel grating product consisting of a steel grating with a certain cross-bearing capacity and a diamond plate or steel mesh with a surface seal. The composite steel grating can be composed of any type of steel grating and patterned steel plates of different thicknesses. However, G323/40/100 steel grating is commonly used as the bottom plate. 3mm thick diamond plate is used as the panel, and 4mm,5mm or 6mm patterned steel plate can also be used. Composite steel grating plates usually use flat steel grating plates with a spacing of 60mm as the bottom plate, and steel grating plates with a spacing of 30mm or 40mm can also be used. The diamond plate is usually 3mm thick plate, and 4mm,5mm and 6mm can also be used.

Characteristics of Composite Steel Grating Plate

The composite steel grating has the characteristics of high strength, light structure, strong anti-corrosion ability and durability;

Because the composite steel grid plate has beautiful appearance, bright surface, no pollution, no rain and snow in rainy and snowy days, it can clean itself and is easy to maintain, so it has been widely used in recent years.

Ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, non-slip, explosion-proof performance is good, and the composite steel grating is very convenient to install and disassemble.

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Post time: Apr-27-2022